• MARITA LEVANEN (left) is a stay-at-home mom of 6 who enjoys drawing and writing stuff about family life. She sometimes puts posts here on this blog when she’s not busy wrestling with her dishes, the laundry (always wins), or wiping kids’ noses.

  • ELLEN HALBERG (right) is a stay-at-home mom of 5 who enjoys baking and cooking up food stuff and taking pictures of it. She sometimes enjoys gardening when she’s ignoring her dishes, the laundry (impossible) and her kids’ runny noses.

Ellen and Marita (are sisters b.t.w.) talk about their upcoming (Oct. 2015)  cookbook  “Oh My Goodness! : Food + Family”

M: I guess since I’m the older sister, I’ll go first. Hi. My name is Marita. I have some kids.

E: My name is Ellen. I have some of those too, I also have a husband.

M: Oh, yeah… I have one of those too.

*long pause*


*a frog*

E:  My favorite animal is an armadillo.

M:  It is!? I never knew that, wait… Is that even an animal, or is that a reptile?

E:  I don’t know.  Actually, can I change that to a zebra?

M:  Sure, I don’t think that would be a problem.  Sooo, let’s get serious. What’s your favorite recipe in this book?

E:  Yikes! That’s totally a trick question.


E:  I really don’t want to discriminate. I love them all equally.

M:  I agree. Totally depends on the situation.  Like today, I’m in a mood… I could eat the entire cookbook.

E: Do it. Dip the pages in guacamole.

M: I didn’t mean it like that…

E: Come on…eat it, see if it’s good.

M: I think this paper would cut me. At least give me heart burn.

E: Chicken.

***short pause***

M: Okay, but only one page…Where’s that guacamole?

E: I think it’s on page 111.