The thing with swings…

Everyone enjoys a good swing.

That’s the thing.

Maybe it’s comforting, like getting rock-a-byed by your mamma.

Maybe it lets us dream of flying.

Maybe it’s just fun,

you can see how high you can go…


how far you can jump off.

What I do know for sure,

is that you’d be hard pressed,

to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a good swing session from time to time.

I remember going out on the swing as a kid,

if I was upset,

and swinging and swinging.

It was very soothing and relaxing.

It still is enjoyable, for me, even as a sometimes mature adult.

Because of these fond feelers towards swings…

…I was very pleased when my husband hauled home an old, playground, six-seater set.

It may also have had something to do with our house,

and it being of the miniature variety.

When you pack 5 children and two parents into a tiny house,

breathing room gets a bit sparse.

So, I heavily encourage anything in the way of outdoor play.

The man hands went ahead and assembled the large unit…

and I had a go at it,

with many, many cans of Rustoleum spray paint.

Since the moment that paint dried,

rarely a day passes by, rain or shine, that those swings aren’t swung.

You would think…

with me being a childish parent and all…

along with my fond feelers towards this magnificent invention,

that I would be out there pushing the infant and toddler all afternoon,


on a daily basis.

I am, actually, quite ashamed to say…

that while I love to swing

I don’t like to push.

At all.

“Nope.” I say to the children. “Not gonna do it.”

I will, however, watch them from my lounger chair and root them on.

“That’s it!”

“OK……NOW!……..Pump those legs!”

NOT like that!”

Push. Pull. Push. Pull.”

Nope, I aint gonna push you.”

“The answer is still NO.”

“Go on your belly then, till you figure it out!”

Because of this pushing aversion of mine…my kids learn from a wee age to get their pump on.

I used to do the swing pushing thing-ie,

when I had only one or two tiny fellers.

But, I found out straight away,

that once you start with the pushing…

they WILL never let you stop!

They’d let you go on for hours!

Up, down, up, down…





Because I am a quick learner of childish behavior…

I quit with the pushes.

But that hasn’t stopped anyone in my household,

from making use of those swings.

Aside from the trampoline and the pedal bikes,

the six-seater was one of the very best purchases we’ve made, to date.

So…. thank you! Craig,

(a.k.a. Craigslist)

the other wonderful man in my life.

For providing my children and I, with many peaceful moments.

Please, DO try this at home:

(or at a park or something, only if you have medical insurance)

Next time you feel stressed out,

maybe your head is too noisey with worries,

maybe you feel overwhelmed…

Go find yourself a swing.

And then swing.

Up, and down,

Up and down.

Hear the wind whistle by.

See the sky come and go.

Feel the air pull your hair.

Soon you will feel like a little kid again,

all of your cares will sort themselves out and settle right down.


If nothing else,

you will find yourself laughing…

at your clumsy pumping abilities and your lack of swinging height.

This would be good in itself too.

Because a hearty laugh,

is always a good thing.

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