Sunshine Sandwich

The other day I was puttering about the house doing the usual mom things.

Minding my own business.

Just as I was preparing my patties to wrestle with the couch,

which was full of wrinkled laundry….

I spied THE most delicious looking sun patch. Ever.

“Don’t do it!”

I warned myself.

“Don’t you even think about it…you’ve got overflowing baskets of business to fold.”

“I know, but seriously self,”

I argued back,

“… take a gander at that beauty!”

“That there is NOT something that happens every old day.”

 “That does look awful cozy.”

My adult-self thought to my child-self.

 “How about a quarter?”

“Just 15 minutes….

Then it’s Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho…Back-To-Work-We-Go?

I belly flopped myself down onto that sunshiny piece of carpet and Ooooh. My.

OH! MY! ….in caps lock with at least ten exclamation marks .

Words cannot even explain.

It was as if my brain had stumbled into quicksand….

A complete and coherent  sentence became impossible.


If I had any hopes what-so-ever of making it out of that sun bath after 15 minutes…

The Infant completely blew that idea to bits by plopping down upon my back.

You guys.

Have you EVER!?

Have you ever enjoyed yourself a sunshine sandwich?

It’s like….

A Sunday afternoon nap,

layered with hugs and kisses…

sandwiched between the warmest warmth and the sweetest love.


If this is not on your bucket list of things to experience before you die…

you’d better quickly add this to it.


Otherwise you’ll totally be missing out,

on one the MOST delicious things,

that motherhood has to offer you.

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