Hooray for Fridays!


How do I even begin explaining the awesomeness that it contains?

I wake up Saturday morning…and already I am looking forward to the next Friday.

This wasn’t always the case.

Fridays used to be filled with nothing special at all…. just another 24 hours piled onto the end of every week.

I don’t know how it is for other couples,

But before we had kids, we went to dinner every weekend.

We sat for hours.

We talked and talked about stuff.

Life was good.

Then we had our first baby boy.

Then another,

Then a baby girl and without even realizing it…

week by tinsky week…

We quit dating.

We quit going out to dinner…

we started NOT talking about stuff anymore.

One year things got hairy scary in a financial way.

The Husband had to go out-o-town to fetch some work.

It began to feel like we were living separate lives.

And we pretty much were.

It wasn’t only that we were on different tracks…

We were riding on completely different trains in completely different countries.

We both felt like if we could just go on a vacation,

withOUT the kids,

a lill’ relaxing get-a-way,

then things would iron themselves right out.

The thing is…

By the time we would finally decide to go,

The both of us were hauling around some extra hefty emotional luggage.

Lots of gripes and groans needed to get let loose after keeping them  zippered up for so long…

 and by the time we got through unpacking all of that garbage,

the weekend was done and over with and we didn’t experience a single bit of rest nor relaxation.

On top of that, when you are pinching your pennies ferociously,

In order to fill up the grocery cart for the children each week,

It’s CRAZY hard to be relaxed about spending money on such luxuries as a hotel room with a side of waffles and fruit.

NOT only that,

but once you’ve arrived back at the homestead,

you’ve still got to toss the babysitter a bushel of bills…

and then prepare the palate for eating a weeks’ worth of Ramen Noodles and PBJ’s.

The whole situation being a BIG smelly sack of lame-o.


Now what to do?

We didn’t know.

But looking back now,

I’m awful thankful that someone else much wiser than us knew exactly what we needed to do.

“EVERY Friday?”

Said The Husband.

“That kind of seems a bit much.”

I was thinking the same thing.

I was also thinking,

“HOW am I going rustle up enough cash to pay a babysitter EVERY single Friday,

JUST so we can go grocery shopping together.

It seems fairly obvious that grocery-getting is a one person job.

BUT…what do we know about life?

Apparently nothing.

Because let me tell you what happened…

SUNSHINE…a big ole pile of warm fuzzies.

Who would have thought that loading up canned corn and picking out some cheese loafs would have made such a difference in life?

Who would have thought that hefting around milk and bagging up eggs together every week could actually bring more happiness to the both of us than a hotel with sides of waffles and fruit?

I wouldn’t have thought so.

Often after we visit our way through the grocery-getting we treat ourselves to a coffee.

We sit and sip and talk about stuff.

Sometimes important stuff.

Sometimes pointless stuff.

Sometimes funny stuff.

But mostly just daily stuff.

We sit and gander at the other people going about their lives.

We eyeball an old furry grandpa as he rattles by with a cart filled with dirty debris and pop cans.

Together we feel thankful that we have a warm place to live.

We listen and cringe as a mom squallers at her little ragamuffin kids for who-even-knows-what.

Together we feel thankful that our kids have enough clothes.

We see a group of fancy business suits bustle by on their way to do important things… So that they can then make more money to do even more important things which will then allow them to make even MORE money so they can then finally do the MOST important-ist  of things.

Together we agree that we sure-enough don’t have everything…

but what we DO have right now,

 is a peaceful and a happy life….

and as it turns out,

that’s the everything we need.

Who would have thought that wandering about the produce department and picking out paper goods together every Friday could make such a big difference?




hospital stays…







One Friday at a time we made it through all of that.

I’m not sure what next week will bring us,

what with life itself being full of sneaky surprises,

But what I DO know now,

is that I get to go out with The Husband on Friday

and somehow together we will figure it out.

See what I mean?


That is what Fridays are full of.

Sometimes they are also full of steak dinners and chocolate cake,

with a sweet side of dishes-that-I-don’t-have-to-wash

and each of those,

are SUPER DUPER awesome too!

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