It’s A Brand New Year!

The kids asked me,

The husband asked me,

The sisters asked me,

The gal grocery bagging my wet wipes asked me,

The neighbor lady asked me,

Our cats, if they could talk, would have asked me…

“What are YOU doing for New Years?”

“Do I have to?” is what I felt like saying.

“Do I HAVE to do something for New Years?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy rambunctious plates of hors d’oeuvres and conversation.

I enjoy those both a tremendous amount.

It’s just that after two weeks of holly and jolly festivities,

my social bucket was feeling almighty full.

To be completely honest…

It was actually sort of spilling over the rim…

and sloshing about in a gluttonous manner.

I would have been right contented to let the New Year blow on by with all of its hub bub,

whilst I, along with a snuggie and a good paperback, held the couch cushions down.

I think back to a particular New Years when I was still pig tailed in the primary school.

The sisters and I had some gals over to celebrate.

Downright giddy with anticipation is how each and every one of us were feeling.

Counting down of the hours began in the early afternoon.

Someone would inform us…

probably via her Guess wristwatch that she had just unwrapped 7 days earlier,

that we had exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes of moments yet to endure,

before we could bask in the glowing goodness of the brand spanking new year.

In an attempt to harness the collective pile of overwhelming excitement we were producing…

I’m pretty sure that every last one of us had our fingernails nibbled down to the nubbins by 11:59.

As midnight inched closer we gathered together with a few frying pans, kettles, wire whisks and some spatulas.

Beings that we were SO fortunate as to have found ourselves mingling with a few older girls…

girls that had MORE experience with such mature and worldly matters as how to properly celebrate such an occasion…

and the rest of us having ZERO experience whatsoever…

they informed us that at exactly 12:00:01 AM we were to whoop, holler, smash, bang and to make AS much and AS loud of a racket as we could possibly produce.

And BY GOLLY… we did exactly that!

I wasn’t sure how long I was supposed to carry on with the pan paddy-whack…

I assumed that there was some sort of an official “Ringing-In-the-New-Year” protocol that we were following.

But I wasn’t entirely sure…

so I just kept a sharp eye on the others.

Once one squealer stopped,

the rest of us quickly followed suit.

Either the noise was SO awful that we were glad to be done making it,

or maybe nobody at all wanted to be the last one left root-toot-tooting.



After ALL of that hoopla I was like,

“Okeydokey, we got that there situation done…NOW what?”

Someone was all:


“We put the pots and pans away.”

“Go to sleep and stuff.”

Which, I’ll have you know, sounded VERY underwhelming.

I mean, here we just spent multiple hours planning this ruckus-a-muckus,

and in the end all I got was tired.

The power didn’t go out.

An ice cream truck didn’t show up.

The Ouija board didn’t tell me who I was going to marry.


I’m not 100% sure…

but I think that might have been the year that I realized that New Years celebrations were completely overrated.

I mean, do I really have to smash away on pots in order to get myself into a shiny new year?

Is that completely necessary?

And why do I get ONLY one day out of 365 with which to argue around with myself about all of the ways that I should be doing life differently?

I’d rather have it be a New Year every day.

I’d rather leave the pots and pans along with their rat-a-tat-tat inside the cupboards,

and start over fresh like a newborn baby each and every morning.

Instead, why don’t we leave yesterday to yesterday.

It can go right ahead and keep all of its fumbles, mumbles and grumbles to itself.

From now on, you and I are only friends with today.

Old news, is what yesterday is.

Done and gone.


Whether yesterday be a good day or a bad day….

it’s still yesterday.

So there’s NO reason,

that I can think of,

to have it hanging around with today.

I guess what I really wanted to say with my first post of the year was this:

You go right ahead and have yourself a Happy HAPPY New Year!

Every. Single. Day.

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