Boy + Hammer + Nails = ?

One weekend the hubby was building some shelves in a tool shed outside…

He gave 3 boys and one daughter free range over the hammer, nails and scraps that were laying about.

The only time I saw their hide or hairs was when they would come inside to file a report on their latest injury.

“Smashed my finger.”

“Bonked my knee”

“It was an accident…his finger was in the way.”

Occasionally I heard…

“STUPID thing…makes me SO mad!!!”

“This is SO stinkin’ dumb!!!”

But despite all of the complaining and belly-aching it didn’t stop them from continuing on with their building projects which included birdhouses and random pieces of “furniture”.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day doing “mom” stuff  indoors without them.

And as it turned out…

they thoroughly enjoyed their day outside.

Without me.

At the end of the day boy #2 gives me a hug and says…

“Mom…this was the fun-est day I ever had!”

Well GOOD golly!!!

I mean that IS wonderful!

Although….It probably says a whole lot about me and my lack of taking my kids out and about to do adventurous excitable things.

The Zoo? Park? Camping? Library? Hotel?


Smashing the fingers ALL day.

Fun-est. Day. Ever.

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